Monday, January 25, 2010

The Robins; Spring is Here!

Yesterday it poured all day long. Beau wouldn't go out at all. I had to pick him up and put him down in the back yard for his morning business, but by 4:30, he wasn't having it at all. I was at work on my computer in the dining room when I heard a commotion in the the back yard. I've been reporting that the Robins wait until they think holly berries have fermented and then attack the berries, popping many in their beaks and swallowing them. The berries make them drunk and they misbehave. In four days they stripped my holly bush clean. I went into the park and found all the holly bushes there stripped. It was fascinating. I went out to take photos, but the bird fly around so fast I couldn't get a really good picture. But here's the holly bush laden with berries and after four days, totally green holly bush and the birds are hovering in a neighbor's house. It's like a Hitchcock movie here!

El Nino means we have a very mild winter, and so while walking in the park or checking out my neighbor's shrubs and bushes, I see that everything is budding in the neighborhood. I was in the park this afternoon and saw a shrub beginning to bloom. At this rate, we're poised to have the longest summer on record! Bring it on!

For those who didn't see it, my cookbook blog got a nice plug in the Los Angeles Times (,0,4970366.story) on Sunday. An interview I did about my list of the best cookbooks published in 2009, for a Kentucky paper has been widely syndicated and made it into the Los Angeles Times. That really impressed me. Hope to continue to get more PR for my blog and expand my readership.

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