Sunday, February 7, 2010


We've had two gloriously sunny days in a row--a rarity during Portland's long rainy winter season. Beau and I take long walks on rare days like these, or we're out early to take advantage of the fact that mornings are often more pleasant times to be out and about.

Last July this bare shrub was heavy with hydrangeas which is just now beginning to leaf. The chain link fence behind is the back border of Kenilworth Park across the street from me. Once all the leave are back, this fence completely disappears.

In the park across the street, I captured the beginning of this tree's yellow flowering. In a week or so, it will be a solid cloud of flowers.

This tree has a deep pink blossom, and in another week, you won't have to squint to discern its color.

I have a neighbor quite close by who has an adorable cat named Appoli. This is part of his front yard which is a riot of barely contained flora chaos. This rosebush with its bare limbs, already has plenty of red leaf first growth.

My next door neighbor has this wall of planters which are sprouting bulbs now. Can't wait to see what these flowers will be.

All over the neighborhood, you see these clusters of bulbs pushing up and readying themselves for what will surely be a gorgeous spring display of color.

Haven't got a clue what's coming up here either. But I love all this new green growth around this tree with its wrap of ivy.

Anyone know what this low-lying leaf is. In the summer it is lush with these big leaves. In the winter, the rains pound it down and it looks awful. But on a sunny day, it bounces back and it suddenly sprouted pale pink clusters of flowers.

This yellow crocus was blooming by itself on a side walk garden, still strewn with fall leaves.

This newly blooming bush has an amazing fragrance.

Appoli's owner has this fanciful offering on display in her garden.

It's spring-like here and I'm feeling sorry for all my Eastern friends, who are complaining about the storms and bitter cold on the right coast. Yesterday Beau and went out at around 1:00 for a big walk and we covered a lot of ground. I brought along my camera to capture nature annual burst of new growth, and while there's much more due in the next few weeks, the sight of bulbs pushing up shoots of green really signal the impending explosion of daffodils, tulips, forsythia, dogwood, camellias and other shrub and tree blooms. Beau loves to pee on any kind of green. I'll let him sniff new growth, but I absolutely refuse to allow him to lift a leg on any new green things coming up.

Kenilworth Park across the street is an amazing color of green right now.

I have had this chair since 1986. It was owned by my dear friend, Bern McDonald, and after his death, his sister insisted that I take it. I had it reupholstered but in the new house, it was starting to look threadbare. My upholsterer did a splendid job and the chair looks newly minted. I love paisley and this looks wonderful, the colors complimenting the rug.

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