Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I haven't been happy with the arrangement of furniture in my living room since I moved in. Then while watching TV a few days ago, I came to the realization that the large china cabinet in the living room was sucking all the air out of the room! It's now in my garage. I re-arranged the room on Sunday and I'm amazed at how open and airy it now looks. Of course, this goes under the sage observation from Maryann. "Boy do you have too much time on your hands!"

I hate to paint. I find nothing more boring. I have to force myself to do it such a tedious chore. But when it's all done, I wonder what I was bitching about. Besides, I love this color--the same as my bathroom in New York.

I was a bit startled to pick up the paper yesterday and note that Justice Roberts is disturbed by President Obama's using the State of the Union address to criticize the five conservative supreme court justices who voted to allow rich corporations and other powerful organizations to spend money on political campaigns. I mean the State of the Union address was nearly two months ago. What took him so long? We all know he was peeved. And then he had the nerve to say that President was dressing down the entire Supreme Court. I don't recall that Justice Scalia was present, and everyone else knows President Obama wasn't dressing down the entire Supreme Court. If you can't take the heat, Justice Roberts, get the the hell out of the kitchen.

I really don't blame Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas for refusing to participate in peace talks with Israel after the country announced it's decision to expand Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem with 1600 new homes. Does that mean I'm no longer a supporter of Israel? No. But it does show that Israel is no more serious about peace then its Arab neighbors. I'm disgusted with the whole political situation in the Middle East. The capacity for misery in this area of the world is astounding.

Away from politics, the unexpectedly fine weather we've been having for the past two weeks has prompted me to do some gardening and organizing of the front and back yards.

I planted three rose bushes on the side of my driveway, which probably gets the best direct sun on the property. Honestly those are rose bushes. I'll send photos when they finally bloom.

I also went to the Portland Nursery and bought this small shrub, called a Hebe 'Nana'.

The camellia in my front yard was probably at its peak last weekend. The blooms are beautiful.

I also found two mophead blue or pink (depending on the acidity in the soil) hydrangeas, and a lilac bush. And I found a bunch of mature blooming daffodils at my local Walgreens on sale. I figured I'd plant 'em, cut back the tops in the late spring or summer and have bulbs next season. Right now they are in a planter in my back yard, so I'll get to enjoy them for another few days. And in a Costco run, I found Dahlia bulbs. I'm definitely in my first-garden-no-sense-of-order-get-stuff-I-love mode. I'll impose some self-discipline around the end of the summer when I'll have found out how much work I've created for myself. In the meantime I'm looking at the possibility of a new deck or a patio for the backyard. And I'd love to create a path made of bricks for the yard areas. I'm giving up most of the grass, which doesn't want to grow anyway because of the acidity from my massive Cedar tree. So there will be a small patch for Beau to pee on.

It's also been a busy week, writing proposals for new projects to replenish the coffers, painting bookshelves and CD shelves for the guest room, putting the finishing touches on the newly painted master bath, continuing work on a fascinating new book about the many farmers, winemakers, dairy and livestock farmers, cheese makers and so many other local artisans in EDIBLE: A Celebration of Local Flavors from the Edible magazine network. The book has stunning photos, profiles of these artisans, and wonderful recipes. Out in April, it should have a wonderful reception.

My brother has a friend named Kyle, who has recently moved here. Kyle is looking for work, and in need of a place to live. So he's helping me with all these various house projects that I won't do while living in my basement. He expects to be here for about two months. He'll probably help me finish a "fourth" bedroom down there while I close off the storage area, and install a new bathroom. I have a toilet and shower stall there now, which will be closed off, tiled and with new bathroom fixtures, giving me a four bedroom, three bath house. That will be good for extra guests, or even a possible roommate at some point. I love living alone, but I would enjoy sharing the house. It just as easy to cook for two as it is for one--in fact, easier. And as we get closer to summer, I want to build a real patio with my grill closer to the house. I'd like to move my outdoor dining table and chairs away from the driveway!

Meanwhile, Kyle has a cat--his name is Bit and he's a fluffy long-haired gray and white guy with a big black blotch for a nose. He's adorable. He's also a bit skittish and sudden noises make him bolt. I wasn't at all worried about his getting along with Beau. Beau mostly ignores him and when he does pay attention, he makes Bit a bit worried. But Bit is getting relaxed and enjoying himself. Today he slept on one of my dining room chairs. Beau slept under the same chair. And now for an "Aw!" moment. Here's the photo.

Beau doing what he does best--sleeping. His influence has extended to Bit.

Beau the slacker is typically unconcerned that he's got a cat hovering over him.

Bit is shy and he's warming to us slowly. He's intrigued by Beau but keeps his distance.

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