Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tonight Walden arrived just as Dancing with the Stars dumped Kate Gosselin. There was no time to gloat. This little guy is so adorable, that my happiness over Kate being finally jettisoned from the show had to take a back seat to this seriously cute little puppy. Walden's arrival is something of a crisis for Beau who had a really bad day. I went off for a business lunch and Beau, angry and spiteful, peed on the dining room rug. He's done this before, and when I got home and noticed the smell in the dining room, I went to investigate. I was very angry when I realized he had peed in that same spot again. It was spiteful and I really gave him hell about it. Beau is a very sensitive Frenchie and he pouted all this evening. Suddenly there was a little black creature in the house getting all the attention. Beau was very curious at the sight of Walden, and sniffed him. Walden began to follow him around immediately. Walden walked into the living room and Beau followed him, but quickly lost interest as he always does with other dogs. I put both of the dogs on my couch and here are the first photos. Both dogs are very calm. I can pick up Walden and he doesn't flinch at all. He's quiet and very quiet. He's lively and interested in all around him, but like Beau, he is in the words of Cesar Milan, "calm and assertive"--a lovely trait in a 12-week-old-puppy.

Oh...Walden left a wet deposit on my Indian rug in the living room. I guess it means I'm going to pay for avoiding Beau's early first year.

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  1. I'm surprised that they didn't pee on each other!