Friday, July 16, 2010


PGE Park: Home of the Portland Beavers

Last night I went to see the usually awful triple A baseball team, the Portland Beavers, kick the crap out of the Sky Sox of Colorado--6-3. Exciting game. I think the Beavers are in last place, but last night they played like the Yankees on fire. Perfect baseball weather, balmy with a breeze. We ate brats, drank beer and traded good-natured insults with 14 people in my group--all from PubWest. They even sang "Take me out to the ballgame." (I mean the entire stadium--it was shockingly sentimental!) If you had done that at Yankee stadium, they would have mugged you! The evening was organized by PubWest executive director, Kent Watson. We did this last year and the game was a snore and the Beavers performed like they were embalmed. I know, you're thinking what the heck is Greg doing at a baseball game. But I actually like watching the game (not on TV, which I think is a snooze) in a stadium. I used to sweat to death at Coney Island watching the Cyclones play. This was like an air-conditioned spa. So nice.

Ironically the Beavers' future in Portland is dicey. They have lost their home at PGE Park, which is closing soon for renovations and will now become a soccer field. Their search for a new home has not been easy and if a field isn't ready by the opening game of 2011, the Beavers may leave Portland for good. Tucson has been floated as a possible new home.

All this drama and Steinbrenner dies this week. The good news is that his family doesn't have to pay estate taxes.

Added a snappy new patio umbrella to this week--on sale!

My neighbor's gorgeous hydrangea. Considering asking for a cutting, or I'll use Beau as a beard, sneak up on it during a late night doggie walk and cut me a stem!

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