Friday, September 3, 2010


Fully mature and in the house to cheer me up for the winter season.

About two weeks ago, when they have virtually turned from white to red.

The first blush of color as they go from white to red.

Early summer prime (July) and a gorgeous shade of white.

Buds appear in late May and all is green.

The now leafed branches which were only about three inches. Last year there were three. This years the hydrangea grew fifteen different branches.

It's the beginning of September, and time to cut my hydrangea blossoms if I want to preserve a bouquet for the winter indoors. This hydrangea is a Paniculata variety, which is pure white when it blossoms and stays that way from May through mid-August when it begins to turn a beautiful shade of maroon. These blooms have a conical shape. If you asked me what I like best about owning a house beside the extra room, I'd have to say raising roses and hydrangeas. They are without a doubt my favorite flowers. I love lilacs, tulips, peonies, poppies, dahlias, irises, daffodils, fuchsia and lilies, but roses and hydrangeas are the only reason I took up gardening. This particular hydrangea was a house-gift from my good friend, John Baker, who brought the plant and this gorgeous beautiful terra cotta pot to plant it in. Last year it gifted me with three blooms. This year it yielded fifteen. I just cut this year's bounty which has colored brilliantly. I want a hydrangea tree for the garden next year.

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