Saturday, May 7, 2011

BIN LADEN IS DEAD! A Shocking Bit of News to Jolt Us on Sunday

A spectacular Easter Sunday tart with layers if filo dough, mashed potatoes, cheese and cream 
and asparagus, from JAMIE AT HOME by Jamie Oliver. 

My phone rang at 8:00 PM--a friend from Boston was calling to say the President was due to make a sudden address to the nation in ten minutes.  Had no idea what it was about, but said "turn on CNN." It took more than an hour for President Obama to stride down to a lectern in the East Room to announce what we had already heard.  The United States was involved in a successful covert action resulting in the death of Osama bin Laden.  America's terrorist nemeses was at last dead and his body in U.S. custody.  The details will emerge in great clarity in the next few days, but the jubilation was swift and hysterical as thousands gathered outside the White House gates in full partying mode to chant "USA, USA," and sing the Star Spangled Banner.  I leave them to their happiness.  What I want to know is why Bin Laden has been in relative security in Pakistan for all these years and we haven't been able to get to him.

Now we also have to worry about reprisals from a furious Al Qaeda.  Losing Bin Laden will be a huge psychological blow the terrorist groups.  It will also be a huge blow to the Republican party.  President Obama has pulled off a huge coup, if we believe what we've been told thus far, and I hope it all proves true.  Trump and the whole lot of 'em can just shut the hell up and hope for something to break in 2016.

A charming pot of daffodils greets guests at my front door. 

I had no idea there were so many different types of daffodils.

In the meantime, the stunning weather demanded more time in the backyard where my brother, Scott and I cleared up flower beds swept the patio, dug up dandelions, and Beau-poop, while Scott mowed and then reseeded the lawn and then went into the garage to reorganize the mess in there--something that I had been loathe to do on my own. We dragged the umbrella out.  I hope I don't have to go through any more gardening sprucing up after last winter's long siege.  The backyard was a total shambles.  I hope to get the tomatoes planted this week.

My neighbor has a wonderful urban micro  farm and raises chickens, and cultivates raspberries an garden plants for sale, and makes cement garden tiles and birdbaths.  She's selling the property and moving to Panama.  It's a lovely property and her chickens are friendly with her cats.  Cool.  This gorgeous bird lays blue eggs. 

Found an amazing dim sum restaurant for lunch when my pals Rod and Trish scooped me up this week for a cheerful repast of shrimp and pork dumplings, and lots of gossip.  Must save this restaurant for friends visiting.

The chickens have the entire run of the garden.  I have an unused dog run on the side of my house, which would make a  great location for a chicken coop.  Imagine the eggs!  This one's eggs are brown. 

I've been so busy with a project that there's been little time for this blog or even my cookbook book blog.  I miss the writing.  I miss the immersion in cookbooks.  I forget about the things I'm doing, such as going to a concert, or having dinner with friends.  Sometimes, being too busy at my age, is not necessarily a good thing.  Everyone these days is just staying busy rather than slowing down.  My garden is demanding attention.  My house needs a good cleaning, yet here I am running around like a person with his hair on fire.

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  1. Build a hen house and get fresh eggs from the hens!