Sunday, June 5, 2011


It's finally hot enough to work in the garden and get things done.  We have managed to string together three rain-free days and this morning as I let Beau out of the back yard door, I noticed the peonies have finally opened.  They are gorgeous.  I went out to get a better look and to take this photo when I noticed the fig tree is finally putting out leaves--they are on the base of the tree, which seems strange.  But I had given it up for dead--it's already June 5th and everything else has leafed by now.  Since I'm home today, I was saving an empty Skippy peanut butter jar for Cooper, the squirrel I've befriended with peanuts.  He's a brazen little guy and was into the inside of the jar in no time at all.  He's cutie and lots of fun to watch. I've also got this regular crow who comes in bellowing to make his presence known.  He and Cooper argue over the peanuts with Cooper ceding not one inch of space getting to the precious nuts.  The crow eventually gets his, but I wonder why he's so intimidated by the squirrel.  They put on quite a show together, though the Crow's unmusical squawks are not to my operatic taste.  Bit is trapped inside watching these antics with a look that tells me he's dying to get outside and cause some mischief.  

Went to a posh party in the chic West Hills last night for John Baker's 65th birthday.  The party was being hosted by Peter Sargent, a decorator here.  The house is just gorgeous--a 50s day ranch with an enormous living room/dining room with windows overlooking a very formal garden.  It was beautiful and hot out so lots of us took our drinks along a deck stretching the entire side of the house.  There are about six seating sections with various groups holding forth. It was a decidedly older crowd--40 seemed to be the youngest. God we're all getting old.  But everyone was in a good mood.  There was a ham with small poppy and sesame seed rolls for mini-sandwiches, crab cakes, skewered beef and chicken satays with peanut dipping sauce, sliced Chinese pork with mustard and sesame seed to dip it into, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, cold shrimp cocktail, cucumber and salmon finger sandwiches, assorted cheeses and mini-cupcakes for those with a sweet tooth.  Good groceries.  I drank a lot of excellent French rose and worked the room like the good publicist that I am.  I found it odd there were no women there (save the bar tender).  The older gay crowd seems to segregate their social lives.  All of us have women friends (some like me are great buddies with mostly women!), so it was strange to find no girls to mix it up with. Still, it was a nice gathering.  

I'm off for my first driving lesson in a truck, since I have to get used to driving the big Ford f150 pick-up that I own.  My friend Sara is taking me to an empty parking lot this evening.  This will be my fourth lesson.  AND NOBODY DIED!

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