Thursday, July 25, 2013


Spring came so early to Portland. Crocus were showing themselves at the end of January. Daffodils made their first appearance in early February. The whole spring timetable was out of whack. One afternoon I was in the garden and I noticed that my fig tree has begun to sprout fruit--in March! I think I counted something like twelve figs. Most of them didn't last long with birds, squirrels, and no doubt raccoons--for they have all made an appearance in my back yard--carried off most of the early crop. I didn't see any new fruit on the tree until last month, and then I saw a bumper crop of Brown Turkey figs sprouting all over the tree. My four years of persistence have paid off.  I look forward to making fig jam this year.

Yesterday, I was watering over near the fig tree when I was startled at the appearance of one of the biggest figs I've ever seen. It was one of the few figs that had sprouted early, and this time it was huge and sporting a beautiful brownish green purple skin. It had to be picked and this morning before eating it, I took a photo.  It measured just over three inches long.

My monster fig

Brown turkey figs are less sweet than Mission or Kadota figs, which seem to be the most popular varieties. I cut in into quarters, lengthwise and ate it out of hand. It was delicious. I have no idea why it got so big, unless all the other figs on the tree grow that size, and I don't think they will. It was a lovely surprise. My green thumb continues to amaze me. Here's one last look.

Another view of the giant fig

At least it beats amazing tales of killer zucchini!

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