Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apoli Stops by for Another Visit

Apoli, the neighbor's adorable back and white cat showed up for a visit, stalking a squirrel in my back yard. I saw him underneath my giant Cedar tree and quietly opened the door, coaxing him in for a scratch. He came over immediately, and Beau roused himself from his afternoon nap (he'd been for a very long walk this morning with me to the doctor's and back and fell gratefully asleep the minute we were back home). Beau likes cats, and he an Apoli seem to have struck up a very nice relationship, which I finally managed to capture on film. Just as this lovefest was happening, enter Mr. Squirrel, brazenly coming closer to my door. Apoli, sprawled on his back on one of the steps pretended he didn't notice Mr. Squirrel (which of course the squirrel wasn't buying). I struggled to get the right picture of the squirrel as he inched his way closer to the door. But Apoli wasn't being patient, (and knew it instantly) as Mr. Squirrel bolted back to the safety of the tree when Apoli made a half-hearted attempt to chase after him. Here is Beau and Apoli checking each other out and another of Apoli pretending to lay supine in my step.

I'm off to Houston tomorrow to see Christine Goerke sing her first major Wagner role--Ortrud in LOHENGRIN at the Houston Grand Opera. Can't wait. She has received outstanding reviews, my favorite being from the Houston Chronicle which said: "Yet it is Goerke who sets the stage ablaze as the tirelessly scheming Ortrud — the most volatile role. The power of her voice, her fiery rage and intense determination make her a memorable embodiment of evil. In any medium, nothing boosts a show’s potency like a juicy villainess." Should be a lot of fun!

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