Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a Jungle Out There

I mean in my backyard. Apolli, my neighbor's cat (who is adorable) dropped by for one of his periodic visits this morning. He and Beau get along uncommonly well. They sniff each other, bump noses, jump back from each other, and move in separate directions, but both remain very calm. They are mostly curious. I went to feed my friendly squirrel his peanuts but he wouldn't drop down from the side fence where likes to perch whenever he's not in my cedar tree. I can usually throw him some peanuts which he has to grab before very aggressive blue jays come swooping down to steal the peanuts. I finally coax the litte guy down from the fence, but the jays get there first, and then Beau waltzes into the backyard and the squirrel loses his nerve and bolts. No peanuts and then I turn around and Beau is cracking open a shell and extracting a peanut! Oh--the sparrows are eating me out of house and home. I just filled the bird feeder. I don't know if I can afford these critters! Beau looks like he belongs in one of those Martha Stewart features with that animal guy--Mark what's-his-name--who has dogs and cats and birds and chinchillas and hamsters and rabbts all cavorting around together in harmony. I just took this photo of him looking for peanuts just inches away from the squirrel--both of them not at all concerned with the other.

Because the weather has turned cool, I brought my hibiscus plant into the house where, as you can see, it is thriving beautifully. And my colleus are doing well too!

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