Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Master Bedroom Tree

Most of us are happy to have one Christmas tree, but not my friend, John. He had four this year, up one from last year.  That's four eight foot trees. Lights, ornaments, labor. I previously posted photos of the crystal tree, the wooden ornaments tree, and in the kitchen, a large tree with all kinds of ornaments.  The den's tree had two different types of lights and hundreds of wooden shapes from snow flakes to carved soldiers and characters from the Nutcracker.  John's been collecting these ornaments for years and he certainly gets teased for this hobby.  

On Saturday, I got a chance to catch a photo of the fourth tree which he installed in his beautiful bedroom on the second floor is his house.  This tree is full of brass ornaments, including candles with holders. Though the candles are not lit (talk about a fire hazard), the electric lights bounce off the polished brass, giving the tree brilliant illumination.  

I spent Friday and Saturday afternoons skewering twelve pounds of large shrimp, roasting a fillet of beef and then making open-faced crostini from it, stuffing two kinds of cheese in celery, piping scallion cream cheese in endive spears and then draping them with smoked salmon.  I scooped out cherry tomatoes to be stuffed, and helped John get the food on the table before the bartender and server arrived.  I was dead on my feet when I went upstairs to take a shower before the first guests arrived.  It was then that I got the photo of the fourth tree. 

It was a lovely party with nearly 60 guests arriving.  John has been hosting this party for the better part of thirty years, and he thinks a lot about it every year, looking for new recipes, and refining his plans.  I was too pooped to photograph the table.  

So here is fourth tree and the other three to follow this. 

 Kitchen/breakfast Room Tree

Living room Tree

Den Tree

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