Monday, December 26, 2011


Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake (includes a layer of white chocolate) for Christmas dinner.  Quite easy to make, and only a little time-consuming to assemble, but it's impressive and not too sweet.  

I don't make resolutions.  Too many good intentions followed by disciplinary lack. Diets don't seem to work for me on schedules such as January 1.  I always admired Princess Grace who would go on an austerity kick right after New Year's and stay off booze, and watch her diet like a hawk until Easter.  It would kill me trying to emulate her good efforts. Right. I never bought that crap about a tooth fairy either.

It's been a tumultuous year nonetheless, rendering any resolutions hopeless.  I started a business that failed within four months. It was an expensive mistake, but it's over and now that I've settled with that thief of a landlord on my lease, I'm left with a gag order that says I can't specifically name him or her publicly and especially not with an expletive attached.  Fine. I'll suck it up.  I don't like it and I've already been fantasizing about the worst calamities that should befall this sub-human species, which will have to do. Suffice to say, if I ever make noise about launching a business that isn't attached to food, please shoot me.  But be warned if you ever want to start a small business. Everyone has their hand out and reaching for your pocket--nobody more so than a landlord. Sign the shortest lease possible--it will be less likely to bite you in the ass in the event your business doesn't survive. 

But I did get back to food, and now I'm officially a publisher. I've got a big book project with a large and well-known business that should make a big splash in Portland next fall.  But for the time being, I'm waiting to make any specific announcement for later in the year.

Lily waiting expectantly for a piece of cheese.

Over Christmas I played host to Lily, a beige rat, who is the pet of a friend's daughter.  I had to keep Bit and Lily separated, so Lily took over the guest room while my roommate is away.  In her cage, Lily is curious, loves cheese, celery, and snooping around when I let her out for a few minutes of exercise every day. She is very pretty and it's a kick watching her groom herself (she's very clean).  

The business was a huge distraction and now its over, leaving me time to get back to more important things, like finishing the renovation of my basement, which got started and then abandoned when the business came along. Bev, my new roommate wants more privacy, so I've asked for a contractor to estimate the cost of finishing the project.  Besides, I cannot sell my house in the future with an unfinished basement.  I hope to have it completed by the first week of February.

2012 ought to be a big year with another presidential election. I hope President Obama is re-elected. The spectacle of one Republican presidential wannabe after another falling on his sword before the official campaign season begins has been, well, spectacular. But I really hope voters will signal their disgust at the Republican party by sending a bunch of Senators and Representatives back home to get regular jobs. We need leaders in Washington to restore the economy, create jobs, push the bankers towards real reform, fairly tax the rich who are doing nothing for the economy, and make us competitive again. Wasting our time and resources on the few in power is not where our future should be headed. A party that thinks there are no consequences for not voting for a two month extension on unemployment benefits, is playing with fire and there's an angry American public that is fed up and ready to send these boobs home for good.  

I'm looking forward to my forthcoming week-long visit to New York in January.  It will give me an opportunity to bring a winter's coat with me, enjoy the cold weather, do a little business and mostly catch up with old friends.  So I'm starting my New Year with a full-plate.  

Beau's official holiday portrait and then to sleep. 

I'm wishing all my friends and loved ones, a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!  

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