Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We got quite a snow storm today. Didn't expect it at all. I was up toiling in my office, trying desperately to make some order out of the mounds of paper that just shoved in while I concentrated on the house. I've got a lot to do in order to get my taxes filed by the end of January, which is my stated goal this year. No more extensions for me. When the phone rang, I was pacing back and forth and looked out the window, astonished at the size of the flakes. Big, huge, heavy snow was falling. At 5:00 PM, I took Beau out for a walk, but he didn't like it at all, which confused me. Beau loved the snow in New York but I guess I never took him out when it was actually snowing. I never saw him get through his business so quickly, and he dragged me home. I put him in the house, and grabbed my camera. The photos are dark, but I did catch the neighbor's kids building their own snowman. I'll try to get out in this tomorrow and see if I can get better photos. I'll bet the park across the street is gorgeous tomorrow morning as long as it doesn't rain. Oops! I just checked, and they expect the temperature to move up into the mid-40s with rain most of the day, so this lovely stuff will be gone in a thrice. Oh well...So glad it didn't ruin the retailer's Christmas shopping, and it was nice while we had it.

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