Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger is a Cheating Bas...and Alex Keaton's Mom is a Dyke!

Well that the end of the world as we know it! And just when we thought we'd heard the last of Rihanna's private life, nude photos show up. I mean, can I get through breakfast anymore without this crap? I could care less about Tiger Woods' extra-marital exploits. It is absolutely not our business nor the media's business. But I do agree with my ex-boss that Tiger should have been managing this story rather than the media. So today we get the sorry spectacle of his apologies to his family. Is it any wonder that I'm a huge fan of THE GOOD WIFE (CBS-TV Tuesday nights)? Tiger's wife was right to use that golf club.

It's good that Meredith Baxter decided to beat a threatening tabloid to the punch and out herself as a lesbian on national TV. But shouldn't there be some legal repercussions against the tabloid who would threaten a basically retired actress about her private life? It took guts and courage for such a private person to do what Meredith Baxter did, thereby maintaining her dignity. But she's not in a hit movie/TV/video/radio program. She's living her life privately and while we do allow our media an awfully wide latitude, threatening someone in this way should warrant repercussions. And how nice she got Matt Lauer to help her come out on the Today show. It was a class interview in every way.

But these celebrity stories keep us away from real issues such as insisting that health care is a national right and exhorting our lazy politicians in Washington (who do receive superb medical benefits) to get this bill passed. Meanwhile, we get Obama ramping a war that should have been launched eight years ago before Bush got us all side-tracked. I guarantee you will that so-called $30 billion budget he is waving in front of us is just the tip of another endless war America is in. As someone pointed out on the Huffington Post today, does that budget include fixing the broken psyches of the soldiers who come back from Afghanistan and Iraq. We can spend this money without much debate or deliberation, but we can't get a national health care bill through. I ask you...huh???

I trimmed the mystery shrub in my back yard today. It took more than three hours to prune it and then dispose of the branches. It has been bullied and pushed by the large Cedar tree growing next to it, and as my winter garden is now readied, this was the last thing to be done. I emerged from this effort feeling good and then sent a photo of the pruned shrub to my good friend, the Green Thumb goddess, Dyanne. She took one look at it and told me I shouldn't be pruning in December--that job needs to be done in March, and that I had massacred the poor shrub. In other words, "put down the pruning shears and step away from that bush!" I hope it's covered with new leaves next spring so I can stick out my tongue and say "nah, nah, nah!"

Meanwhile, my house is all set for Christmas. The fake tree is trimmed, the Poinsettia is gorgeous (purchased at Fred Meyer for a mere $9.99--in New York this same plant would cost me $45!), I've filled my glass urns with lights and Christmas bulbs, and I'm ready for the holidays. Next year I'm going to hang lights on the outside of the house.

I'm going to my first Christmas season party on Friday.

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