Sunday, June 13, 2010


A hanging Geranium and if you look up to the left, my upside-down hanging tomatoes

The red you see just below the leaves here are my French Breakfast Radishes

A fuschia with hundreds of blooms

The new Japanese Maple and the Fig Tree

Mint contained in one pot instead of taking over my herb plot

Twenty + days of rain, for which Portland is famous, can test the patience of anyone. We were promised a sunny day on Friday, but when I woke up, the disappointment of a gray sky was amazing. We waited all day for the sun to break through and late before it turned dark, there was finally a glimpse of sun. My bedroom, with its south-facing windows covering one wall, were not ablaze in sunshine on Saturday morning--another disappointment. But my 10 AM, the sun emerged strong and blazing. Here was the sunshine we were promised. Time to get out into the garden.

My beautiful and large brick patio is now in the final stages of completion and I'll soon be able to show the finished results which are now taking up more than half of my back yard. We went to get the final bricks at Lowes and found ourselves drawn to two nurseries in search new things to plant. I finally found a Japanese maple. They cost a small fortune, but I found a small one at a really nice price. I've been looking for a small tree for the small planter next to the front of my garage. I found a columnar dwarf fig tree which which I'm reasonably assured should do well in that planter. I also found a large yellow climbing rose. I think I'm now done buying plants for my yards. It's a thrill to grow things.

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