Sunday, June 27, 2010


With the belated arrival of summer weather--it's 70 degrees and brilliantly sun-shiney at 10:30 on a glorious late June Sunday morning), Kyle finished the patio yesterday before heading out for a family reunion. After my birthday blow-out from the night before, I was more interested in keeping it low profile for the actual birthday (Saturday), and invited John and Darren over for a grilled steak. I filled a platter with lettuces from my garden, added a pile of grape tomatoes, some English cucumber, slices of boiled red potatoes, some cooked green beans, and added some pickled boiled eggs with beets and onions. I topped it with a marinated flank steak with I grilled on the patio. I made Sara Moulton's wonderful Creamy Garlic Dressing for the salad and we at it out on the patio, staying out there talking, eating and drink until well after 10 when the sky finally went totally dark. John brought me a chocolate cake with a raspberry glaze (a huge chunk of which I sent back home with them). This was a perfect harbinger of a long, warm summer of dinners, which will probably begin on Friday night when my twin brother, Scott arrives with his girlfriend, Bernadette for the Fourth of July weekend.

Kyle counted the bricks in the new patio--more than 2,100. It's set in a beautiful pattern. John brought me a wonderful planter tub full of summer blooms including red geranium. I couldn't more thrilled with it. I think it truly enhances the property and I'll be able to count the backyard now as an extra summer room. Beau like sunning out there, lazily turning over to give himself a good back rub.

Roses are amazing.

These are a real pale pink rose, which the sun and my camera don't quite do justice to.

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